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PostHeaderIcon Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 Review – Whole House Water Filter Review

The Aquasana EQ-300 Whole House Water Filter Review

EQ-300This is a review of the Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 whole house water filter system. This deluxe unit has the highest certified rating of any home filtration system in North America. The Rhino has 3 distinct stages of filtration to assure you of the highest quality water in your home. It is manufactured exclusively by Aquasana, Inc of Fort Worth, Texas.

The EQ-300 has been on the market for over 12 years and has been evaluated extensively by NSF for more than 3 years. The NSF certification is a very comprehensive and extremely rigorous certification process that assures you of getting the highest quality water filtration system available. The company stands behind their products with a 100% 90 day total customer satisfaction money back guarantee.

Order NowWhen you purchase an EQ-300…

you will be getting the best whole house water filter on the market today which includes 3 distinct stages of filtration. The first stage is the pre-filter also known as the sediment filter to remove sediment from water. It will filter down to 5 microns so that the main filters don’t get clogged with sediment which will reduce both the water flow rate and the filters usable life considerably.

The second stage filter consists of KDF…

which is a blend of the elements copper and zinc. This will effectively remove iron from water, remove lead from water, and remove mercury from water. It will also remove chlorine from water, the bacterial disinfectant in all municipal water supplies. If your homes water has a rotten egg smell, it will remove that as well. This smell is produced by hydrogen sulfide. Another benefit of KDF is that it is bacteriostatic. Water filters are a great place for bacteria to grow and multiply so KDF is an essential component in the Rhino EQ-300. You can learn more about the benefits of KDF here.

The third and final filtering stage…

is a high-grade granular activated carbon (GAC) that will further reduce chlorine and odor. Activated carbon is also phenomenal at reducing and or removing 100’s of organic compounds and chemicals that are found in all metropolitan drinking water supplies. It will effectively remove THMS from water, remove VOC’s from water, and remove SOC’s from water. Learn more about the benefits of Granular Activated Carbon.

Another great benefit of the EQ-300 is its longevity

It is rated to last for 3 to 5 years, depending on the size of your family, and will process a minimum of 300,000 gallons of water before the main filters need to be replaced. It is also highly recommended that you replace the sediment pre-filter every 3 to 6 months to maintain the main filters life expectancy.

Also the EQ-300 has a flow rate of 8 gallons per minute

One unit will adequately handle a 3500 square foot home with 3 1/2 bathrooms with no noticeable drop in water pressure. This is especially important when there are 2 or more people using water in the house. There is nothing worse than the water pressure dropping to zero when you are trying to take a shower.

The Aquasana EQ-300 is 100% NSF Certified…

to standard 42. The EQ-300 whole house water filtration system has undergone 3 years of rigorous testing and is NSF certified to remove 99% of the chlorine from a minimum of 300,000 gallons of water. Why is this important? Without this certification unproven claims can be made about the performance of a water filter system.  Beware of filters that have only NSF “certified components”. This proves nothing about the design and performance of the entire system. The Aquasana Rhino EQ- 300 whole house filter has been NSF tested and certified as a complete system.

The Aquasana whole house water filter…

has a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. In order for the warranty to be in effect you must have the Rhino installed by a licensed plumber and provide verification of the installation.

The Drawbacks of the Aquasana EQ-300

When the Aquasana EQ-300 filtration media is spent the entire tank is replaced instead of just the filtration media in the tank. This is more costly compared to other whole house water filtration products  available on the market.

Consider though that each time you replace the main filtration tank on this unit you get a brand new 3 year warranty. You also get proper sequencing of the media in the tank to assure you of consistent water quality time after time. You will not get these benefits when you have to go through the messy process of replacing the filtering media yourself.

Is it worth the cost to you to have consistently healthy water year after year along with an ongoing extended warranty when you own an EQ300?

Click Here to view detailed dimensions of the EQ-300.

Click Here to view the ANSI/NSF Standard 42-2003 EQ-300 certification data.

The Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 review rates this system as the best whole house water filter as well as the most affordable on the market today. When you purchase the Rhino you will not only be assured of what you are getting in quality, materials, and workmanship but you will also be assured of having refreshing pure water flowing from every tap in your home. This is the peace of mind only an EQ-300 can give!

Order Now to receive your instant $330 discount, free shipping ($49 value), and start enjoying the quality, affordability, and peace of mind the Aquasana EQ-300 whole house water filter system brings to you, your family, and your home.

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PostHeaderIcon Drugs in Water Part 2

Drugs in Water Part 2

This is the second video of a 3 part interview with Associated Press writer Jeff Donn talks about the exhaustive 5 month investigation he did exposing the ever increasing problem of drugs in water. The U.S. water supply is under siege with an array of pharmaceuticals including anti-epileptics, sex hormones, mood stabilizers, and antibiotics just to name a few. At least 24 major metropolitan areas across the country have trace amounts of a number of these controlled substances. What are the long range implications of this issue and what can you do about it for yourself and your family.

Click Here for Drugs in Water Part 3

Drugs in Water

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PostHeaderIcon Fluoride in Water…Have We Been Duped?

Since the 40’s and 50’s America has had fluoride in water

Fluoride in WaterBack then it was believed fluoride had to be swallowed to be effective. Modern research has debunked this belief.  Fluoride is actually most effective when it applied directly to your teeth by a dentist or dental hygienist. So why is there still fluoride in water after all these years?

Consider this, fluoride in water does not improve the quality or safety by any means. That is one of the reasons why most European countries have rejected the use of fluoride in water. They’ve also stated that water should not be a delivery method for medicinal treatment (treating tooth decay).

The EQ-300-HA2 Whole House Water Filter System will remove up to 90% of the fluoride in water without removing the beneficial minerals from your water. Call a representative at 1-866-523-4099 about our fluoride removal system.

It’s unfortunate to note that the individuals that are at greatest risk consuming fluoride in water are infants. Two years ago the American Dental Association recommended that parents not give babies water containing fluoride. Other dental researchers have issued these warnings for the past decade. Dental fluorosis is a high-risk problem for babies that consume fluoride in water. A medical journal called The Lancet stated that fluoride might damage developing brain cells, which could cause learning deficits and other problems.

Not only are babies at risk but also anyone who regularly consumes fluoride in water. Here are five scientifically researched risks that water fluoridation poses.

1. As with babies fluoride poses a risk to your brain. Human studies have shown effects on IQ. It is especially more prominent in people who eat a poor diet.

2. The NRC has called fluoride an endocrine disruptor. If you have a diet low in iodine it does pose a risk to your thyroid.

3. The NRC also stated that fluoride weakens bones increasing fracture risks.

4. There is a link to fluoride and osteosarcoma, which is a serious form of bone cancer.

5. People with kidney problems have difficulty eliminating fluoride and toxic levels can build up in the bones causing even more issues.

The benefits that fluoride in water…

supposedly provides have been for the most part over-exaggerated. It has been shown that there is no difference in the amount of tooth decay between countries that fluoridate their water and ones that don’t. Tooth decay does not increase when water fluoridation ends.

If the entire once believed benefits of fluoride in water have been proven wrong why are we still being duped into thinking it is something that is necessary, something we take for granted?

This article is a brief synopsis of the fluoridation issue. If you would like to get a more in depth analysis about the issue of fluoride in water visit

Obviously municipal water supplies in the United States still add fluoride in water. They probably aren’t going to change this any time soon if at all. If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water and want to be proactive you can do something about it. Purchase a high quality whole house water filter for your home that will remove up to 60% of the fluoride in water and a host of other chemicals that are harmful and present in your tap water.

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PostHeaderIcon Under Counter Water Filter – Tips To Save You Money

Shopping for an under counter water filter…

can be confusing, I know from personal experience. But, if you know what to look for, you can find under counter water filters that will help protect your family’s health, without taking anything away from your family’s budget.

Actually, if you’re currently drinking bottled water, an efficient under counter water filter can help you save about a thousand dollars a year. Try putting the money that you would normally spend on bottled in a piggy bank or your savings account. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.


20% OFF our under counter water filter for a limited time



But, if you fall for the advertising hype and buy one of those expensive under counter water filters that include a reverse osmosis step, you won’t save a dime. I was considering one by Ever-Pure that cost nearly $800.

I never even got to the cost of replacement cartridges, because I learned that RO is an unnecessary step. The salespeople try to tell you that RO is the best and of course, that’s their job. But, we don’t have to believe everything that the salespeople tell us. Do we?

If you live in a rural area or have a questionable source, you could need a reverse osmosis step. But, the Ever-Pure under counter water filter that I was looking at are designed for homeowners with “pre-treated” water, in other words, those of us serviced by a public utility.

If you fall into that category, as I do, you need to remove chlorine, THMs, VOCs, lead and cysts. But, in my opinion, if they can make one that removes other cancer-causing chemicals and traces of prescription drugs, without costing me a fortune, then I’ll buy it.

The Ever-Pure under counter water filter…

reduces all of those things, but it only reduces lead to the “federal action level”. If my local treatment facility cannot reduce lead to below the federal action level, then they have to do something about it.

What I want to remove is those tiny traces of lead that are “below” the federal action level. I have kids and I care about my future health. According to the experts, there is “no” safe level of lead consumption, because it builds up in the body over time.

I learned that only under counter water filters that include an ion exchange step will reduce lead by 99% or better. I had been told that reverse osmosis was the only way to remove cysts, but I visited the website for the Environmental Protection Agency and learned that a submicron particle filter will also remove cysts.

So, I began to look for an under counter water filter that was certified to filter down to one micron and also included an ion exchange step. I knew that under counter water filters with a carbon block would remove chlorine and other chemicals, as well as THMs and VOCs.

I found an under counter water filter that included all of those steps and cost less than $150. So, I got the best quality under counter water filter for the best price and you can, too.

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PostHeaderIcon Water Pitcher Filters…Are They Really Effective At Filtering Water?

Water Pitcher Filters…Are They Really Effective?

Water Pitcher FiltersWater pitcher filters like the Pur water filter pitcher and Brita water pitcher filters have become quite popular as an in home water purification system. They are both highly advertised products that offer convenience and affordability. You can find these appliances on most discount and department store shelves today. Cost vary anywhere from twelve to thirty dollars per unit.

The initial price of the Brita water pitcher filters and the Pur water filter pitcher has made it very affordable for people to own a home water filter. And all you have to do is fill up the device with tap water and put it in the refrigerator until you need a nice cold glass of pure water making it very easy to use. But the bottom line is are you really getting your money’s worth?

I’ve never purchased  Brita water pitcher filters…

or a Pur water filter pitcher but I’ve been to people’s homes that have had them. Now I’ve been drinking filtered water for most of my adult life so I know what a clean refreshing pure glass of water tastes like. The premise behind any quality water filter is to remove chlorine and other impurities and to also improve the taste. What I discovered is that these water pitcher filters did not do an adequate job of this to say the least.

The first glass of water I had from one of these water pitcher filters I detected a fairly strong smell and taste of chlorine. I told them they needed to replace the filter since it wasn’t doing the job of removing this toxic chemical. They informed me they had just put in a new filter. I was shocked and dismayed. A good water filter will remove almost 100% of the chlorine when new and degrade in effectiveness over time eventually needing replacement. It was obvious these water pitcher filters weren’t doing the job they were intended to do from the get-go.

I did a little research and found out that even though these water pitcher filters…

had a cheap upfront cost, in the long run they ended up costing a lot more than you might expect. In fact you will end up spending up to thirty five cents per gallon for water that is dubiously filtered through the Brita,  the Pur, and many other top brands of water pitcher filters.

Compare that to penny’s per gallon for water filtered through a high quality counter top water filter, under counter water filter, or a whole house water filter such as the Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 and you will be saving a considerable amount of money in the long run. Plus you will be assured of getting the highest quality and healthiest pure water that you have been paying for. All in all water pitcher filters really are neither effective or cost effective.

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PostHeaderIcon Whole House Water Filter – 8 Benefits For Health And Savings

Whole House Water Filter Health and Savings Benefits

Whole House Water FilterHaving a whole house water filter…

installed in your home will provide you many benefits for saving you money and improving your health. Here are 8 great benefits you may not have thought of.

1. With a whole house water filter all the water sources in your home will dispense refreshing pure water.

2. Chlorine and other chemicals are removed before they have a chance to enter your home so they can’t be off-gassed into the air. Your homes’ air will be cleaner.

3. With the chemicals removed by a whole house water filter they won’t get lodged in your clothing when you wash them.

Order Now4. A whole house water filter will make your water more wholesome to drink improving your health.

5. No more dubious quality over priced bottled water to buy and lug around!

6. You will be bathing and showering in refreshingly clean water every day.

7. If there is a problem with the city’s water supply you and your family are protected with a whole house water filter.

8. Having a whole house water filter will greatly reduce the soap scum that can build up on sinks, bathtubs, and dishes.

The benefits of a whole house water filter are obvious.

It will keep you and your home healthier and happier plus you’ll receive the added perks of saving time and money with your own in home whole house water filter.

Learn more about the Aquasana EQ-300, the best whole house water filter available for your money.

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PostHeaderIcon Finding The Right Water Filter System For Your Home

Are you looking for a water filter system…

Water Filter Systemto improve the quality of your homes water? There are a dizzying array of different brands and types on the market for you to choose from.

Some of the different types of water filter systems offered on the market today include Brita water filters, GE water filters, the pur water filter, the reverse osmosis filter, and the whole house water filter. So where do you start.

You can first start out by doing an online search for the kind of water filter system you’re interested in. Find some web sites that interests you and see they have to offer.  Most sites have a number of different brands and types of water purifiers to choose from.

Click Here and Discover the Lowest Prices on the Best Water Filter System on the Market Today and Receive a 20% Discount, FREE Shipping, and a 100% 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the different kinds of water filter systems you will want to narrow down the field to the ones that will suit your needs and budget.

One of the factors to determining what type of water filter system you’ll need will be where you live. Do you live in the city or the country? You will need a different type of purifier for different locations and also for the contaminants you find in your water. Another factor to take into consideration would be the size of your family.

Now you need to determine if you just want to have your drinking and cooking water filtered or if you would like to have all of the water in your house filtered. There are pros and cons to both kinds of water filter systems.

A Drinking water filter system…

such as the Brita, the counter top water filter, under sink filters, and reverse osmosis are relatively inexpensive and needs little or no installation. They generally last 3 months to a year at which time you can purchase replacement filters without having to buy the entire unit again. Even though the drinking water filter system is initially inexpensive over time they end up costing you more. And you still just have purified drinking water.

The whole house water filter system does exactly what the name implies. You get clean healthy water to drink as well as to bathe in, wash clothes in etc. A whole house  water filter system cost more initially, and unless you’re handy require a plumber to install. They will generally last 3 to 5 year before they need to be recharged. In the long run they are by far the least costly system to invest in.

Once you find the water filter system you want buy…

you may want to see what other consumers are saying about it. A lot of sites have feedback sections so you can see what others people have experienced with the different products. You may also want to check and see if there are any reviews of the water filter system you’re interested in.

With all of these tools easily at your disposal online you will be able to make an informed and wise decision in purchasing  a quality water filter system.

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PostHeaderIcon Granular Activated Carbon – The Water Filter Toxin Remover

Granular activated carbon…

Granular Activated Carbon(GAC) is a highly absorbent form of carbon. It has gone through a special manufacturing process to give it its porosity. The pores act like a sponge sopping up impurities in air or water. Amazingly enough one gram of granular activated carbon has a surface area over forty five hundred square feet. A gram is pretty small, only 1/28th of an ounce. Now think of the square footage of your home and compare that to forty five hundred square feet. You’ll get an idea of how unbelievable the surface area of a small amount of granular activated carbon is.


Granular activated carbon is one of the main constituents in most water filters…

because of its incredible surface area and astonishing adsorbing powers.In fact granular activated carbon is known to remove hundreds of different harmful chemicals that may be found your water. Chemicals like chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), trihalomethanes, pesticides, herbicides, radon, and solvents. Plus it will remove unpleasant tastes and foul odors. Here is a list of some of the many different toxic chemicals granular activated carbon can remove.

Click here and take a look at the best granular activated carbon water filters available at a 20% discount with FREE shipping included. We’re so confident about our products that we offer a complete 90-day customer satisfaction money back guarantee.


We live in a toxic world with thousands of new chemicals being introduced into our environment every year. If these chemicals aren’t disposed of properly they will eventually end up in our water. Studies have shown over two thousand different chemicals in the water in many major metropolitan areas. Municipal water treatment facilities do not have the capabilities to remove this myriad of chemicals. They eventually come through our tap and we drink them. When you consider that our bodies are mostly water, it’s imperative that we do something to clean up our own water at home and this is where granular activated carbon comes to the rescue.  


If you think this is a joke consider this. In Phoenix, AZ cosmetologists have to use granular activated carbon filtered water to mix their chemicals for perms and hair coloring. If they don’t the perm and hair-coloring chemicals will be chemically altered and strange things start happening to peoples hair. If it’s altering hair treatment chemicals and doing strange things to your hair what kind of strange things do you think this water will do to your body over time? Think about it, why are cancer and heart disease so prevalent in our country. Good clean water is paramount to a having healthy body.


With a granular activated carbon water filter system…

in your home you will have the good clean water your body needs and deserves. There are many types to choose from. You can get a cheap pitcher type filter from your local discount store. There are also a counter top models that connect directly to your faucet and are easy to install. You can get an under the counter system that is out of the way and has its own faucet. There is also the whole house water filter that connects directly to your main water line to purify the water in throughout your entire home.

A good quality water filter will have a half-pound or more of granular activated carbon and can last for many months of years when cared for properly. Also make sure you are getting a granular activated carbon water filtration system that includes a second filtration media called KDF and you will definitely be taking a step in the right direction.


Click Here to learn more about the additional granular activated carbon whole house water filter that will remove 90% of the fluoride in water.


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PostHeaderIcon Whole House Water Filter – Why Should You Buy One?

Why Buy a Whole House Water Filtration System?

 House Water FilterIf you’ve been considering buying a whole house water filtration system you really should take closer a look at all of the benefits you and your family will receive from buying a whole house water filter for your home.

Water, it’s essential to life. We can’t go for more than two or three days without drinking it. In fact our bodies contain a large amount of this precious substance. Around seventy percent actually. So having good, clean, healthy water is vital to your health. And having a whole house water filtration system will give you exactly what a healthy body needs. Let me explain.

Thankfully in today’s modern world we have safe potable drinking water that is convenient and readily available everywhere. In fact it’s the law that municipalities use strong disinfectants to keep their water supply safe for public consumption.  With the introduction of chlorine, chloramines, and bromine we have H2O that is free of pathogenic diseases that were once a threat to human health. But with the introduction of these chemicals a new host of issues were introduced.

“EPA research has found thousands of toxic chemicals in local drinking water supplies. Solve the problem and improve your health today with your own whole house water filtration system. Click here for the best solution available today.”

When disinfecting chemicals like chlorine and bromine were introduced, new chemical substances were formed. These chemicals, called trihalomethanes, are created by a chemical reaction when the disinfectants and the decaying organic matter that are found in lakes, streams, and rivers combine. Organic matter like leaves, grass, lumber, and dead fish. Trihalomethanes are toxic chemicals and known carcinogens. On one hand several problems are solved with chlorine and the like. On the other hand serious problems are also created.

There is a simple solution to these abundant and toxic chemicals. An almost miraculous substance called granular activated carbon works instantly when it comes in contact with toxic impurities. It is especially effective in removing the disinfecting chemicals like chlorine and bromine. It also removes hundreds of other toxic chemicals that EPA research has shown to be prevalent in many cities across the country.

Granular activated carbon is one of the main ingredients in a whole house water filtration system.

Now you’re probably wondering why you need to purchase a large unit, like a whole house water filter system, that takes care of your entire home. Why not just buy a small counter top unit for your drinking water. That’s a good point we’re going to address.

The largest organ on your body is your skin. It is very porous. Your skin absorbs substances very readily and easily. So when you bathe or take a shower your skin will absorb the chemical disinfectants. Not only that, some of the trihalomethanes are very volatile and will vaporize into the air for you to breath. A whole house water filtration system connected to your homes main water supply will eliminate all of this from ever happening.

Buying a whole house water filtration system…

for your home will give you and your family the strong sense of health and safety you deserve. Not only will you have water that tastes clean, pure, and refreshing, it will be much healthier for you too. All of the beverages you make with it like coffee, tea, and juice will taste far better also. Plus you will have the added benefits of softer skin and smoother hair when you  bathe. Doesn’t buying a whole house water filtration system make sense today?

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Whole House Water Filter Questions

Comments or questions are welcome.

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